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Our merchandise has been carefully chosen among mid to high end manufacturers by our talented interior design staff that work on model homes and clubhouses nationally.  Fortunately for the visitors of our Clearance Center, issues occur on almost every project that cause furniture to come back to our warehouse to become available for sale to the public.  These issues can range from over ordering of merchandise, changes by the builder to the floorplan where the furniture will no longer fit, client wishes, minor damages, etc.

We have made the decision that we just want to move this merchandise out of our warehouse as fast as possible because we have limited space, so we price every item at wholesale or less. 

What is wholesale?  A furniture store will purchase items from furniture manufacturers at wholesale prices and then put a meaningful markup on those prices to cover their expense and make a profit.  The markup price is called retail pricing.  Because of our size, we buy our merchandise from furniture manufacturers also at wholesale prices but instead of putting a markup on these prices and selling at retail, we just want to recoup what we paid so we sell all items at wholesale or less.  This should offer you a meaningful savings compared to other stores and on the internet.

Again, to help move merchandise out of our warehouse because of our limited space, if items are sitting typically for more than 30 days, we mark the items down below wholesale so that it will sell more quickly.

All of our merchandise was purchased for a project and it didn’t work out for some reason, so the item was purchased brand new and returned to our warehouse upon the project installation.   This means the vast majority of our merchandise has never been used and should be considered new or in like new condition.  Some items, however, will have some damage from the shipping and moving process, but most will not. 

Of course!  Our parent company is called Builders Design and you can see the amazing work our interior designers do at

We can refer you to an outside delivery service that we refer our customers to on a regular basis and you can contact them for a delivery quote based upon location and pieces purchased.

We are available for pick-ups from Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Any item that is purchased from our store for pickup or delivery will be a final sale, sold as-is subject to the following.  Upon pick up or at the time of delivery, the customer will be given the opportunity inspect the item and if it does not meet his or her expectations, can refuse the item and receive a full credit less any delivery charges.  Items that are picked-up or accepted at delivery, cannot later be returned.